About us

My name is Cindy Napier, I started with photography about 16 years ago after we took my son to get his pictures taken and I just wasn't happy with them or the packages available. I always had a passion for taking photos but never thought it would get me anywhere. But I purchased my first dslr Camera (canon XSi) and I went to town practicing with my kids and family and everyone inbt. Finally I felt comfortable enough to start charging. Fast forward 10 years I decided I wanted to do more. So I Started college again for the second time graduating with a bachelor degree in graphic design and arts.

I then worked for a screen print and embroidery company doing the graphic design for them. In the four years of me working there I discovered I loved creating and making stuff. I started with epoxy tumblers and using vinyl to make shirts( started with vinyl and shirts before graduating college.) after about a year and half of epoxy and a pandemic I came across sublimation. I fell in love with this whole process. My job got a new owner and a few months into them taking over My husband( Jerry) and I decided it was time for us to move on to our next chapter in life. So November of 2021 right before thanksgiving I decided to quit my job and Run my business full time.  

Here we are now I have a full year of working for myself and don't plan to stop. We love setting up for festivals and making custom orders for our customers. 

My goal is to have my own store in the future. Gods timing is perfect so I will not rush the process. While I wait I will continue working from home and setting up for shows. 

If you purchase from me I want to thank you every single order helps support my dream.